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‘I’ stands for Imagination and Individual. Because, one of the major

factors of one’s success is one itself along with his/her

imagination towards work, learning and life. That means what all

the work a person do in his/her life to learn are generally depend

upon their imaginations e.g. Have you seen packet transferring in

a network? have you seen electricity transferring through a wire?

and many more like this. All these things can only be learned by

an individual through his/her imaginations. That means, if one

can Imagine, he/she can do more, discover more and can do more

Innovations for the world, because any innovation that exist

today was someone’s imagination on some day.

‘99’ means Success or learning is a journey, not a destination.

That means it’s a never ending process. Means whatever the best

we do, there is space for betterment or new innovations So, keep

doing and keep learning for a better life and better world.

‘Harish’ – It’s my name that includes the qualities of ‘I’ and ‘99’.

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