Global Warming | Problem & Solution

The future of our loved ones is on risk, act now.


We, a group of students at IIT Kanpur, thought of exploring the solution to the one of the biggest problem our country is facing today or we may say the whole world is. These are Global Warming, Climate Change and Groundwater Depletion. Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi is inspiring citizens to go paperless to fight against these issues. Our Govt. is also taking many initiatives for this. For example, “Digital India” with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

In the same way, we, being the responsible citizen of this country & responsible humans of this planet thought of starting a movement against these issues. The making of this website is the root cause of this movement. How? We’ll explain step by step: – 

Why all these are called as problems?

Because, they are causing adverse effects on living and nonliving things like Humans, Animals, Birds or Taj Mahal etc. 

These adverse effects includes: –

Earth’s temperature is increasing that leads to melting of glaciers. It will become a reason for rise in sea level & flood. Our summer temperature approaching near to 50 degrees, leads to death of hundreds of people, animals and birds. Unusual climate change and rain destroys the crops and poor farmers lose their livings and attempt to commit suicide. 

Why these problems raised against us?

Trees & forests play a major role in controlling the climate & ecological cycle on earth. As the world is getting advanced, we are setting up High Tech Cities, Plants, Industries and Factories. All these things need land on the earth. So, the thousand acres of forests are being cut down and replaced by these things.  Due to shortage of trees & forest our ecological cycle got disturbed & lead to global warming and climate change. 

What are the Solutions?

The solution to these problems is “Trees”. That means we have to plant trees and save trees. Plant tree is very clear. We are exploring the solution to save trees. Here, our journey starts, let’s go through a small statistics: –

Paper and pulp industry and greenhouse gas emissions

During the entire process of producing paper, starting from cutting of trees, transporting them, cutting them into desired length, stripping bark, grinding wood, and chip screening, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is emitted either during logging or offsite because of coal used in the generation of electricity or during transport wherein diesel or petrol is used. Further, during chemical pulping, wood is cooked with chemicals, which emits air pollutants like formaldehyde, methanol, acetaldehyde, and methyl ethyl ketone. Bleaching of pulp, which includes using chlorine and other chemicals and beating of pulp to achieve desired consistency, also involves heavy carbon emissions because of petrochemicals or electricity used.

According to a report of steering committee of EPN, harvesting trees, production of pulp and paper, and their eventual disposal contribute to global warming. Forests store terrestrial carbon, and once harvested, it takes a long time for the carbon to accumulate. According to this report, the pulp and paper industry is the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases among manufacturing industries, and contributes 9% of the total CO2 emissions in the manufacturing industries, with the biggest contribution coming from the energy production needed to power the pulp and paper mill. Greenhouse gases are emitted even till disposal of paper.

Reference: -Internet 

Water depletion by the Indian paper and pulp industry

 As per the 2001 data, the paper and pulp industry consumes huge amount of water, to the tune of about 905.8 million m3, and about 695.7 million m3 of water is discharged annually as waste water. The industry is the third largest consumer of water. Also, fresh water consumption by this sector is quite high (about 150 m3/tonne of product). This huge amount of water consumption by this sector leads to lowering of groundwater table. These industries are among the seventeen most polluting industries identified by Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), paper industry is one amongst them.

Reference: – TERI Press | West CPCB

           After knowing all these, we thought like this way. We all need money to survive. And that money comes from a business or from a job *. To get a job, we are carrying multiple printouts of our resume/ CV along with supporting documents. Just to stay on safe side, our mother, father, brother, sister, relatives, teachers and friends say, “Carry 2-3 more copies, who knows there may be some need.”  So, we are printing these many copies. If, there are some grammatical errors, spelling mistake, formatting problem or some information added or left-out, we are printing everything again. If previously printed papers are being used? No! Those all papers will be wasted and we will start on new papers.

We are only single person. There are thousands in a city, Lacks in a district, millions in the country and billions in the worlds, those are having same mentality. If a single person wasted thousands of papers then what about whole world?

The paper we are using is coming from trees! More paper we waste, more trees will be cut down & deforestation occurs. Now, ask yourself, if our decision was safe? When we are appearing in a job interview, our interviewer needs information about us like education, experience and skills etc, it’s true. So, we are carrying our resume & documents on papers. But, the required information not necessarily required on paper. It can also be presented through your personal website, that won’t catalyze deforestation of cutting of tree. Also, any error, mistake or changes can be rectified any time. Today, there are many websites offering such service free. Even Govt. of India started Digital Locker for saving & sharing your documents. Also making a website is quite easy today, just drag & drop or update you details in predefined templates and you are done!.

This approach is much safer, better and surely impresses your interviewer. And help in fighting against the issues of Global Warming, Climate Change & Groundwater Depletion.

That’s why I made this website years back & hardly used paper for anything. If you like this article, spread this to others & join hands together to save this country & this planet.

Always remember:

                 Today, we are advance enough. But, not enough to create another earth to live upon.

Stop using papers, start using website, it’s free!

Save Papers, Save Trees, Save Future of Our Loved Ones!

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